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Thursday, 3 November 2011



hey hey hey here comes Friday again and today is 4th November which means its Friday.haha.i mean i mean the special Friday,its my birthday ohhhhhh it's my birthday dude!! the best fact that i have to face now is im turning 22 y/o today (actually not yet coz' my mom delivered me exactly at 3.45am if im not mistaken) ,and that fact make me feel so so so ohhh maiii God i have to move on and find a job at least. 

ok ok lets the sadness fly away and put back the smile on your face dear birthday girl coz you really need it..of course you need it on your birthday.give my mom hugs and kisses,thank mom coz' make me alive today (ohh im soo malu on doing such thing arghhh pergiii laa mammm tu mak kau kot) ok tomorrow im going to do so..insyaAllah! :) amin

#heyyyy it's my birthday and im not going to ruin it.there's not a sure for me to live for tomorrow peace and be happy sayangsss..muahhhhhhhhhh

lots of hugs and kisses,
birthday girl