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Sunday, 8 January 2012

smile for a new member

new month.nem member in family! hehe. soon very soon my mom is getting another son-in-law insyaAllah,and for sure the happiest lady in this world for that time is my kakak! peiwetttt 

kak imah.she's my second eldest kakak and she's the fierce one  (for me),but the kindest one.hehe.sebab dia sangat cool dan paling pemurah.hikhik

cool gila bila one big family is living under one roof.boleh masak sambil gosip gosip dan makan tanpa segan silu.hehe.yes! we are living in one house and really excited ,cant wait for this Saturday to come.

wishing u happy e-day in advance ! =)

cant wait! cant wait! excited like im the one who's getting engaged.=)

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