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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

susah senang itu lumrah

being so serious is not cool at all dude.why not u just chill up babe

nothing is easy in this life.if u want something,u MUST strive to get life is not easy as i thought,not as easy as eating charketeow at my hometown u know ='( that's why i always go home every 2

even this level is not dat easy,i can't turn back and quit..'quit' is not in my list but 'success' is always in my list.i just hope that i can complete this tough stage.amin =)

#being in this stage/level,u need to compete with the others,foreigners are all around u,working people are sitting next to u,so what do u expect? =\ i expect that tomorrow im graduating for this level.hope.hope.isk.i should said i expect today im graduating for this i need to wait for tomorrow la.haha. 

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