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Sunday, 24 June 2012

nemo fish!

i bought these for them, the biggest one for Fatin because she always there (next to my rrom) and always force me to eat, and always help me by buying some food on her way back from her class, because im too lazy to go down to cafe and buy some food.hehe.

the medium size nemo fish is for my bestfriend! hehe Ped, sebab bila dia tidor dia boleh pelok2 bagai peluk nun yang demok ni,ehehe.

the smallest one is actually for Ped too,buttttt ada one little naughty boy wants that nemo fish badly, buat aku sedih,dan terus bagi kat dia.

btw,si abang yang nak sangat nemo fish ni,but Kimi the one yang bergambar dengan nemo fish hehe.

'hi my name is naughty boy and i know it'

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