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Saturday, 29 December 2012

thats why we called it a dream

last night since i got toothache,a very good one,so i went to sleep quite early.usually i went to sleep around 2/3 am.but yesterday around 12/1 and it quite early for me,but i cant bear the pain anymore,and have no ponstan to reduce my pain..

so, the very weird dream i hv ever dream last night was i became a NURSE , together with my beautiful gorgeous  bff, si Ped tu, at KMC (kedah medical centre) and it was our FIRST DAY becoming nurse and and and our head nurse was come from Xray-guy become nurse-guy yet in my own dream lololo

hahaha..maybe because he works there.ok ok.kinda related there.but the first task he gave to us is to clean the poop from accident victims who is actually cut into two,and only have half of the body,the other half did not appear in my dream haha..but the most weird thing happened,i saw his legs waving to me and he is smiling to us (me and Ped) since we came to clean his poop..muka gatai plak tu =.= motif sangat mimpi macam tu

obviously la,dalam mimpi tu lepas kami masuk dalam bilik tu (actually bilik tu macam bilik mayat tapi ada toilet macam RnR -.- ) kami screamed out loud sebab tengok mangsa2 tu..ada dalam 5/6 orang kot,dan Pan who just standing beside and ask us to do all..haha..membuli sangat..

lepas tu bangun tido start la moment gigi geraham sakit yang amat sangat di mana jikalau lidah tersentuh gigi gereaham yang gedabak tu akan berlaku sakit yang amat mengundang ke-moody-an dan hilang fokus untuk study..

sakit gigi sangat sakit.untung sapa jadi doktor gigi..sebab orang memang tak leh elak dari p berubat.haha.untung Kunduq( kawan) bakal jadi doktor gigi.

exam lusa and im cooling here.ok.another a week,im going back home yeahhhh

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