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Monday, 11 March 2013


actually ni assignment dulu2 masa degree,aku selalu pilih pasal Islamic ni sebab aku dulu Bachelor in Islamic Banking,so memang belajar la pasal halal haram,Islamic bank, conventional bank, the differences of their terms,and basically orang selalu akan cakap 'alaa conventional sama ja dengan Islamic' =.= 

sedih tau dengar uhuks..nak terang lebih mendalam bab2 tu takleh la kat first post ni kan,satgi orang kata amboiiii melebih2,so kita start from riba! hehe. macam nak buat presentation ok.hewhew

mula2 sekali,di ingat kan RIBA INI HARAMMMMMM.SAY NO TO RIBA. nama lain bagi riba = interest = usury.


Riba (usury) has been clearly and explicitly prohibited in the Qur’an and Sunnah. Allah and His Messenger have declared war on those who do not abstain from it. These are some of the relevant ayats regarding Riba.

Allah says in the Qur'an:

O you who believe! Show fear of Allah and forgo any remaining riba if you are believers. Qur'an (2, 277)

If you do not, know it means war from Allah and His Messenger. If you turn in repentance you may have your capital, without wronging and without being wronged. Qur'an (2, 278)

Basically riba can be divided into 2 broad area
1) borrowing
2) trading


Riba Al-Jahiliyah
Refers to additional charge being imposed in the case the borrower fail to pay on time.
Practices during pre-Islamic. The way pre-Islamic Arabs used to consume Riba was that a 
person would have a debt payable on a specific date.  When the date arrived the creditor would 
demand payment.  The latter would tell the creditor: " Defer the repayment of my debt; I will add 
to your wealth." This is the Riba which was doubled and redoubled.

Example: At maturity of the debt, the creditor will ask the debtor, "Will you pay now, or increase (the debt)? If the debtor was unable to pay, it would be doubled; one hundred in one year would become two hundred.  If it was not paid, the debt would increase to four hundred. Each year the debt would be doubled”   

contoh : awak berhutang seratus ringgit,tapi nanti time bayar awak kena bayar dua ratus ringgit.itu ialah riba! 

Riba Al-Qard

žRefers to interest or payment charged due to the loan given.
žPersonal loan, term loan and others.
žExample: A customer applied for a personal loan, RM20,000. The banker tell the customer that the bank will charge 5% annually for 8 years. So, the total amount that this customer has to pay is RM28,000.


Riba Al-Fadh (excess of disparity) 
           ‘If you give gold, then receive back the same gold: the same weight and the same quality; and if you give silver, then receive back the same silver: the same weight and the same quality, because the one who gives more or expects more, then [he should know that] that is exactly Riba.’

•refers to quantities.
•described as an unlawful excess in the exchange of two counter-values
where the excess is measurable through weight or measure.
•Ribawi item; gold, silver, wheat, barley, dates, and salt are exchanged
 against themselves, they should be spot and equal and specified.

2. Riba An-Nasiah (excess of deferment)
•refers to time delay.


ini aku saja share dari assignment yang aku penah buat dulu dan sekarang pon aku still learn about it.semua ni aku buat research dulu,in shaa Allah betol sebab dari pembacaan aku dan pembelajaran dan telah dirujuk dan dibentang kan kepada lecturer aku.

kot2 la ada adik2 yang nak buat assignment pasal Islamic Banking ni,boleh ambil salah satu tajuk ialah riba hehe.selain dapat siapkan assignment,boleh jugak dapat ilmu dunia dan akhirat =)

ada term2 dia memang sesetengah riba orang panggil lain,contoh di atas ada panggil al-nasiah,ada panggil al-nasak..but still the concept and defition is still the same..

marilah berkongsi ilmu =)

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