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Sunday, 10 March 2013



'what is the meaning of life? whatever you want it to be'
my friend wrote this in her status..
sometime we forgot what we want and keep following the flow.INSTEAD of trying to get what we want.

example : want to get straight A's in examination but 24 hours just plays video games.just dream it. 

life's too SHORT to WORRY
life's too LONG to WAIT

life is a journey,we dont know what will happen next..but still we need to have PLAN in life.

life is either daring a adventure or nothing

life is too short 
to wake up with regrets.
love the people who treat you right and 
forget the ones who dont

believe that everything
happens for a reason.

if u get a chance - TAKE IT
if it changes your life - LET IT

nobody said life would be easy
they just promised
it would be WORTH IT ..

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