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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

baby bump

cant wait to meet her coz im too excited to see her baby bump bump bump.hehe.almost one month i dont get a chance to meet them and of course im so excited to meet her with that big belly hahaha

surely Kimi will ask her 'boleh adik pegang perut aunty?' hahaha too cute when he asked like that before,and of course with a cute warning 'pegang slow2 ja tau,nanti baby terkejut' because if not, probably he will touch like a slap on the belly,u know kidsssssss right =.=

danish of course la jealous sebab aunty dia kurang bagi kasih sayang dekat dia dah hoho.alolo nanti bertambah la kawan shaa Allah this coming August  im going to have anotherrr nephewww

that baby bump....>.< too cute!

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