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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Telekung Project

it happened when i was at IKEA last year.i found this telekung with this cute tag,showed the lady really put so much effort on this project.

back years ago, i always thought of the same thing (sincere from me) to take those telekung which dah busuk,hitam2 naik taik lalat kan, and wash them all,and then put back another day. but i dont have extra telekung to do it, for example if i take those telekung and wash them, i dont hv another telekung to replace it.

so thats why i said the lady really put so much effort on this project.i really proud of her.she's NORAZILA ABDUL AZIZ.pengasas THE TELEKUNG PROJECT.

semoga kita semua boleh melakukan seperti dia ni.amal kita yang di bawa ke akhirat bukan harta benda duit ringgit berjuta2.moga kita pon menjadi sepertinya.amin.

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