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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

more closer

its all about wedding ceremony that will hit us on 23th this February. next week. *ok nervous* blaa blaa blaa. im getting nervous on behalf of her (my sister), because later left me alone who's single.ehem ehem.

more closer when everyone (siblings) get back hometown every week, go anywhere together, do stuffs together, get mad together, yelling at each others, cry together, EAT TOGETHER. .

wedding preparation that took more than one year to settle those up make us more busier when it come closer to the waited date! 

BUT still, the busier moment make us more closer since we still can go to SIAM (again!) together and shopping like there's no nervousness and there's no more things to do at home. 

bride room and pelamin are not yet finish, not yet give the superb touch up. BUT still we can laugh with each others. 

moment with families 

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